Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s oblivious tone-deaf lawsuit proves she is completely lacking in self-awareness. The lawsuit also proves Seaman does indeed deny the existence of her daughter Christina Delaguerra.

Case A-21-842248-C was filed on October 6, 2021 in Clark County Eighth Judicial District Court under the name “VICTORIA DELAGUERRA-SEAMAN.”

Review the document here:

Complaint A-21-842248-C

The filing makes numerous comical assertions:

False and misleading statements regarding lawsuits that Seaman has been involved in over the years, including misrepresentations of injuries suffered, results obtained, and the underlying facts supporting claims

Councilwoman Victoria Seaman is encouraged to release all information and documents surrounding the numerous lawsuits in which she has been a party. Particularly a complete copy of both her and husband John Seaman’s sealed depositions.

The absurdity continues:

Fabricated claims of “eyewitness reports” of Seaman’s purported infidelity

Note the filing does not deny Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s unfaithfulness to her husband. Instead the filing claims the  evidence of Seaman’s infidelity obtained by has been fabricated. The evidence, which has been verified and corroborated, certainly exists. At a time of this website’s choosing, said evidence will be released to the public.

The filing also shockingly claims the pictures of Christina Delaguerra are not Christina Delaguerra:

Multiple images of an individual The Website falsely claims to be Christina Delaguerra, along with false representations that Seaman “abandoned” her child and “discarded Christina like a piece of trash;”

To be clear, this website revealed Councilwoman Victoria Seaman denies the existence of her daughter Christina Delaguerra. In response, Victoria Seaman’s lawsuit denies the pictures of Christina Delaguerra are actually Christina Delaguerra.

This denial is both absurd and simply disproved.

The pictures of Christina Delaguerra published on were obtained from Christina Delaguerra’s publicly viewable Facebook page where she goes by “Christy Delaguerra.”

The picture of Victoria Seaman and Christina Delaguerra was posted July 12, 2018. See below:

Furthermore, the picture of Victoria Seaman and Christina Delaguerra received 14 reactions. One such reaction was from Victoria Seaman’s daughter Tatiana Kohanzad.

If Christina Delaguerra is not Christina Delaguerra as Victoria Seaman claims, why would Victoria’s daughter Tatiana Kohanzad interact with the post? Such a scenario defies common sense and Victoria Seaman, con artist that she is, would prefer you not believe your lying eyes.