Victoria Seaman's Baseless Lies and False Innuendos

The following update will be, in part, based upon replying to Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s statements regarding this website in the September 7, 2021 article published by the Las Vegas Review Journal titled, “Seaman accuses Fiore of bullying and assaulting her at City Hall“.
Councilwoman Victoria Seaman responded regarding this website, “It’s sad when one resorts to baseless lies and false innuendos. This insidious, retaliatory nonsense is exactly why I was forced to take legal action.” One will note, however, that Councilwoman Victoria Seaman conveniently avoided any specificity in her remarks. As such, delving deeper into the history of Victoria Seaman is in order.
Were the “baseless lies” referenced by Victoria Seaman related to the evidence regarding her 2017 lawsuit against the City of Las Vegas? As before that lawsuit, she was involved in another car accident in 2015. Here is a Facebook post from Seaman referencing said accident:
This accident occurred while Seaman was driving a Mini Cooper and she received a large insurance payment from USAA insurance. Not everybody can obtain this special insurance and Seaman qualified for it because her husband, John Seaman, is a retired DEA agent. During this accident sources state Seaman also claimed to have broken her finger and her collar bone. Would this be the same finger cited by the above Review Journal article? And did not Victoria Seaman also claim to have broken her finger during the 2017 lawsuit with the City of Las Vegas? Is not a pattern emerging and why are those observing conveniently turning a blind eye? Would it not be criminal for an individual to file many claims over many years for the same injury? Has Councilwoman Victoria Seaman ever substantiated her injuries in any of these instances? Should she just be taken at her word for her most recent injury, or is she simply looking for another payday? As it would seem every couple of years Councilwoman Victoria Seaman, like clockwork, is seeking a new check won through litigious methods.
The hopes of a new lawsuit is the most likely reason why the recent series of events have been placed into motion by Councilwoman Victoria Seaman. She may well be preparing to once again sue the city of Las Vegas, however she knows the walls are closing in around her and therefore she is seeking a larger payday than the $100,000 she crowbarred from the coffers of the city of Las Vegas. Why has Victoria Seaman never spoken about her settlement she received? And why has the City of Las Vegas remained silent about this matter as well?
Sources close to the matter have indicated Councilwoman Victoria Seaman was able to procure the $100,000 settlement payment through a rather contorted payment scheme. First, the City of Las Vegas issued two separate checks worth $50,000 each to TAB, and then TAB was the entity which issued the final payments to Victoria Seaman to settle her 2017 lawsuit. The final payment arrangements occurred while Councilwoman Victoria Seaman was sitting on the Las Vegas City Council, and Victoria Seaman, to her forevermore shame, owes her constituents an explanation regarding this matter. Or is it, in Seaman’s own words, simply “baseless lies and false innuendos“? If so, this matter would surely be rather quick to clear up! Yet Victoria Seaman stays silent and that silence is deafening.


Another matter in which Councilwoman Victoria Seaman has conveniently avoided to address is that of her relationship with her daughter Christina Delaguerra. In fact if one were to peruse the many social media posts of Victoria Seaman they would never find a single instance of Seaman mentioning her daughter Christina Delaguerra. However, there are over 30 instances of Victoria Seaman mentioning her other daughter, Tatiana Kohznzad










Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s 2021 post is perhaps the most telling, in that she shares her proud history with one daughter, while entirely ignoring her first born. Seaman’s old Assembly biography shows she only claims Tatiana as her daughter. As well as Seaman’s official Las Vegas City Council biography.
Setting that evidence aside, there can be no debate. Christina Delaguerra is the first born daughter of Victoria Seaman. The resemblance between Victoria and Christina is visually striking and absolutely undeniable.

Meet Christina Delaguerra

The reality of the situation is Victoria Seaman has not only denied the existence of Christina, but she also publicly denies the existence of Christina’s daughter. Victoria Seaman refuses to publicly acknowledge her own grandchild.
And if one were not yet convinced of the familial resemblance between both Victoria Seaman and Christina Delaguerra there is this image of the two together:
In the rare occurrence in which Victoria ever-so-graciously allowed Christina to be in her presence, Victoria claims that Christina is, in fact, her SISTER. However, sources familiar with this matter have stated on the record that Victoria had Christina at a very young age with a man whom she was living. When that relationship ended, so did Victoria’s relationship with Christina and Victoria abandoned her child. This is a matter Victoria refuses to discuss in public, and the reason is evident. She has no excuse to justify giving away her first born child. Particularly if one were to examine the very early years of Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s life when she went by the nickname “Vickie.” The following court records are so old they are not searchable via the Internet and exist only within the Clark County Eighth Judicial District Court Clerk’s office on microfilm. Victoria Seaman, who at the time went by “Vickie Delaguerra”, was once married to Amir Zandieh.
How telling it is then within Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s divorce complaint it accuses her then husband of “fraud” because “As soon as Plaintiff [Seaman] learned of Defendant’s intention not to have children, the parties herto separated and have not cohabitated since.” It would then seem after Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s marriage to Amir Zandieh was indeed annulled, her views on children changed radically. As once she did actually have a child Victoria Seaman decided her daughter, Christina, was not worth keeping and Victoria Seaman discarded Christina like a piece of trash. Only to then resurface years later when there was money to be made by Victoria Seaman claiming the inheritance rightly left to Christina by her grandparents. challenges Councilwoman Victoria Seaman to prove otherwise, but don’t hold your breath.

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